Privacy Policy

fcamp shop enforces strict storage and management of the private information which our customers entrust to us.

We use the private information that you entrust to us for the following purposes only: (a) product shipping, communication and notifications, and tallying the number of orders and products and (b) shipping or e-mailing information related to the artist included in your order, such as information on products and services including CDs and DVDs, performances and fan club sign-up, and questionnaire opportunities.

We will not supply the private information that you entrust to us to a third party without obtaining your prior consent. However, we may supply your private information without obtaining your consent for legal reasons or if we are requested by the police or any other public institution to supply that information. Also, fcamp shop may consign work to another company and supply your private information to that company under the responsibility of fcamp shop. In this case, fcamp shop will first enter into an agreement with that company concerning the handling of private information.

Cautions for the application process

These Terms are originally created Japanese, and this translation is provided only as an aid to assist users in the ordering process. If any differences or contradictions exist between the Japanese and translated versions of these Terms, the Japanese version takes precedence.

This website is serviced by a server within Japan and operated and managed according to Japanese law. Please be aware in advance that any disagreements regarding our handling of private information, etc., will be handled under the sole jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.

The formation, force, performance, and interpretation of these Terms are carried out and determined under Japanese law.

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